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Why use Bowen Infrared?

We have 30+ years of experience in diverse and varied applications. We offer unique value added infrared solutions that address energy, reliability, production, serviceability and other applications within building, manufacturing, industrial or electrical utility groups.

What services are offered?

Our primary services are inspection, training and consulting. There are many variations within each service level. The solution we propose might be an individual service or a combination of all our services. Contact us for details.

What is the service area?

We travel to anywhere in North America. We understand that customers need solutions wherever that may be. Contact us for more details.

Will Bowen Infrared present at conferences?

We offer stimulating customized presentations for conferences and tradeshows. Contact us for more information.

What if we need a program to fit our facility?

We can propose a development process and a training solution that will address any portion or the whole program.

Will Bowen Infrared donate services?

We are a community conscious business. Therefore, groups that serve our community, located in or near our home office in Green Bay, can participate in pro bono inspections. Example: Habitat for Humanity buildings could obtain energy inspections for their home build projects. 

What's unique about Bowen Infrared?

I train from experience. I don't read screens to groups. I'm not self certified.

Compare trainers? Is the training conducted by experienced thermographer? Are these training truly qualified in the craft? Or are you getting a marketing person who was company stamped and has no real experience.

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