February 13, 2019

Thermal imaging cameras have rapidly become prevalent for commercial and residential building inspection. Building structures can exhibit quality and performance problems during construction, remodel and aging that can impact energy performance and, in some cases, render them dangerous. Regardless of the building type involved, infrared imaging has been shown to provide remarkable, nondestructive information about construction details and building performance.

Getting the most out of your blower door system

April 01, 2020

Co-presenter - Sam Myers of RetroTec

A blower door system can do much more than tell you how much your building is leaking. It can also help you determine where the leaks are and how severe some leaks are compared to others. There are also cases where you can use your blower door to determine if some ventilation systems are working properly. In this webinar, we’ll introduce the blower door and how it works for those who are new to the industry. Then we’ll get into some of the methods you can use to make your blower door work harder, impress your clients, and increase the services you offer. This session is great for testers of all skill levels.  

May 06, 2019

Thermal imaging cameras have long been utilized for Preventative / Predicative maintenance inspections. The price point of these excellent tools has made the usage very prevalent for many applications. Electrical and Mechanical systems exhibit quality and performance problems during long periods of use. Regardless of the components involved, infrared imaging has been shown to provide remarkable, nondestructive information about current performance and when coupled with sister technologies the picture literally of component health becomes clearer.

This session will discuss the numerous applications for thermal imaging technology currently being used to inspect rotating and static type mechanical systems components. These include validation of belts, bearing housings, filters, gear boxes, insulation or refractories. The electrical application will also be presented from utility substation level inspections to lower voltage components. Examples will be given for each application and the basic conditions required will be described.

Applying infrared cameras brings opportunities and advantages to the diagnostics of related applications. Beyond the basic operation of the camera, applying this science results in many avenues for investigative techniques. We will review the understanding of electrical / mechanical inspection standards and the implications. We will answer your questions about infrared cameras, infrared science, and the presented applications.

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